Winter Outdoorsman Gets New Awning in Lowell MA

A homeowner contacted Ocean View Awnings recently. The homeowner was a skier who thought a big part of his deck would be saved from icing over if he had a Lowell MA new awning installed. He decided to call Ocean View Awnings to have one installed. The Ocean View Awnings specialists met with the skier at his home, so we could see what type of awning he wanted and to see the space where the awning would be installed.

The homeowner showed us where he would like to have the awning, then we showed him a variety of options. He selected one and we let him know that as soon as it was built for him that our professional installers would return to install it, which was done a week and a half later. The homeowner was impressed with the new awning and now he can enjoy a nice mug of coffee or hot chocolate on an even patio thanks to the quality services provided by Ocean View Awnings. The man was so happy with the awning that he called us a few weeks later to let us know that he is spending more and more time on his patio, because it is covered from any weather. He said that he is telling his friends about it and if they want one like his to call Ocean View Awnings for the best new awning Lowell MA outdoor enthusiasts can truly appreciate all year long.