Newburyport Commercial Awning Lets New Stores Stand Out

A small mixed use building was one of our recent projects, and  our client’s property not only caters to renters but also to small business owners who are lease a space on the ground level. The time came for them to choose the type ofcommercial awning Newburyport MA property owners would envy. They wanted a design which would appeal to all the small business owners on the ground floor where we were going to install the new awnings. They also wanted a simple design which renters on the upper levels would like when coming home after a long day of work.

They eventually contacted Ocean View Awnings for a price quote. We pointed them in the right direction in terms of material, awning sizes, a commercial look, and retractable designs which all business owners would love. For the high quality awnings and installation costs they were quickly ready to go ahead and get these new awnings installed over the small businesses at their property immediately.

We were proud to offer the highest quality awnings, and they also had a uniform look and design that the development company was after when they began their search for awnings to equip the property with. Since they rent to small business owners they were looking for a simple design and something that would look good for every storefront to be placed over the windows. Because they worked with Ocean View Awnings, this is exactly what they received. They were very pleased with the great service and how helpful our knowledgeable team was. Installation was a breeze, the clients and renters are very happy now, and the mixed use property with new awnings looks excellent either on street level or from above.