New Boston Awning on Window of Historic House

Recently, we spoke with and provided installation on a window awning in Boston. The owner of the house had noticed a great deal of damage to the Boston awning following a heavy snow season this past winter. They were looking for a new window awning which not only looked great and kept with the historical context of the home, but that would also protect the expensive window from damage. We found the perfect fit for this client. Not only did we perfectly match up their design demands, we found the window awning Boston history buffs loved.

Once they saw the completed design of the historic house. The owner was willing to spend any amount necessary, and this gave us quite a bit of room to work with when we were coming up with the design, the detail work, and choosing the right material finish for the new retractable awnings which we were going to install for them. Although it was a costly project, they were extremely happy with the finished work, and we were happy to be able to assist them in restoring the prestige and allure of this fine historic house.

We offer a wide selection of awnings and service a variety of clientele, but this was truly one of the more distinct customer requests we have had in the recent projects we’ve done. The homeowner was pleased, and the historic house looks perfect, even to the most poignant Boston history buffs who see the newly installed awnings.