Mass Window Awnings are a Needed Asset

A Massachusetts real estate developer needed a bid for a city block filled with windows that needed awnings in Boston. The real estate developer was looking to have quality awnings, but at an affordable cost. He called several awning providers along with Ocean View Awnings. Ocean View Awnings was the only company that offered a reasonable and realistic estimate.

Ocean View Awnings received a call back from the developer a month later to ask us if we could still provide the window awnings in Mass. that we gave him a bid on. We let him know we could, and the bid would remain the same. The developer asked us to start installing them as soon as we could, so our professional awning installers started a week later. It took our team a little over a week to have the entire block of window awnings installed. The customer came out to look over the work that we provided and said he was in awe on how wonderful the awnings looked. He said the block looks so much better, and now customers that are visiting any of the retailers will be able to be protected from any weather condition, because of the quality awnings that Ocean View Awnings had provided. The real estate developer said that he knows now who to call for his window awning Mass business owners can trust and rely upon and that is Ocean View Awnings. He said we were the only awning company that provided a quality product and service at a reasonable price.