Mass Motorized Awning Helps with Short Game

An elderly man wanted to enjoy his backyard for putting without necessarily being in the blinding sun all the time. He would go in the backyard and practice and practice until the sun started beaming on him. One afternoon he came inside after putting practice and his wife looked at him and was fearful, because he was bright red and sunburned. She told him he was going to have to do something or quit putting when the sun was out. The man knew he wasn’t going to quit, so he decided to call Ocean View Awnings to have a motorized awning in Mass. installed.

We met with the couple and they showed us where they wanted to have the motorized awning installed in their backyard. We showed them several other motorized awnings other homeowners have selected for their homes, and the couple choose what they wanted. We let them know that our personal factory built all the awnings, and as soon as their awning was created we would return to install it. The Ocean View Awnings crew arrived back at the home and installed the awning. We showed the couple how to operate it, and they instantly fell in love with their motorized awning. Now, he can enjoy his golden years and improved golf game thanks to his new motorized awning in Mass. His wife doesn’t have to worry about her husband getting sunburned, and they both enjoy sitting under it and just enjoy the summer together outdoors.