Lowell MA Window Awning Has Appeal for All

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by a Lowell MA hobbyist. The Lowell MA hobbyist really enjoyed doing puzzles by an open window in her home, but did not want their jigsaws to get wet when it rained. She loved sitting by the window doing the puzzles because the natural sunlight made it easier to find the pieces for each part of the puzzle. She was very accustomed to doing her puzzles in one place. She decided to call Ocean View Awnings for an install on a stately and useful window awning in Lowell.

The Ocean View Awnings specialist met with the homeowner in Lowell MA and went over an options in awnings for her window. We showed her different fabrics, colors, and awning styles. The puzzle lover selected her awning, and we measured the window to provide a precise awning fit. We let the customer know that we custom built our awnings in our factory, and as soon as it was made we would be back out to install it for her. The following Monday our qualified installers went back to the home and installed the awning. She was excited to see the awning installed. She said she couldn’t wait to start working on her puzzles with her new awning, because rainy season was soon approaching. A few weeks later the customer called us to let us know that her jigsaw puzzles are progressing along and none of them are getting wet, thanks to the window awning Ocean View Awnings had installed for her.