Haverhill, MA Awning Installer Needed to Keep Tavern Tidy

A Haverhill bar owner noticed that some moisture would get into the bar when it was raining heavily, especially if lots of people were traveling in and out. He couldn’t risk having someone slip and fall inside his bar and then being injured, or having a hefty lawsuit on his hands either. He called the same awning installer in Haverhill, MA that all of his friends in the industry had recommended to him due to Ocean View Awnings’ courteous and professional demeanor.

Our awning installation crew went to the bar to look over the space where the awning would be placed. We let the bar owner know that we could install a variety of awning types. The crew repaired the awning, which was a minor repair, but it would prevent any moisture or water entering his bar when it rained. We let the customer know that his awning was repaired, and if he had any additional issues with the awning to just call us, and we would come back out. Two days later it rained buckets in Haverhill, MA, but there was no leaks or moisture in the bar. The customer called us to let us know that even with all the rain that fell that his awning was perfect. He said he was thrilled that his friends recommended Ocean View Awnings to him, because we did an outstanding job. He said he was planning on having another awning installed within the next few months, and he planned on calling the awning installer that all businesses contact in Haverhill, MA. We were just glad to get great feedback and know that we did another excellent job.