Awnings will provide protection from weather conditions, so the residents and businesses in Newburyport contact the awning company experts, Ocean View Awnings for all their Newburyport MA awning needs. Ocean View Awnings is a family owned and operated business that has been catering to the needs of Newburyport residents for over ten years. Our awning technicians are experienced, trained, and fully insured to install and clean all awnings. We have an awning solution to meet the needs of all Newburyport residents.

Awning Services Offered in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Ocean View Awning offers an array of awning services in Newburyport, Massachusetts, which include:

  • Awning Sales
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Awning Installations
  • Residential and Commercial Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Motorized Awnings
  • Window Awnings
  • New Awnings

Ocean View Awnings is Newburyport’s one-stop-shop for all awnings services. The Eclipse brand is known for providing durable, quality, and beautiful awnings. We offer both Eclipse Awnings and  Eclipse Lite solar shading, which is an affordable option and it is backed with a five-year warranty. All of our installations come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The Ocean View Awnings technicians will not leave your home unless you are happy with our services.

Newburyport, Massachusetts

Newburyport is a wonderful place in New England that has a population of 6,666. Newburyport was settled in 1635 by the Reverend Thomas Parker, Reverend James Noyes, and nearly one hundred pioneers that came from Wiltshire, England looking for prosperity in America. Newburyport is proud of the heritage of this town. The Reverend James Noyes house still remains in Newburyport. The house dates back from 1646. James built the house. Visitors can see the house, which is located on 7 Parker Street in Newburyport.

Newburyport is located along the Atlantic Ocean, so visitors coming to this town can take advantage of the beautiful beaches located here. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, ride a jet ski, or just lay back on the clean beaches and catch a suntan. When you come into town stop by one of the many local shops. You will be able to find unique, and interesting items that you won’t find anywhere else but here. Newburyport is a wonderful town to live in and a great town to visit.

Ocean View Awnings meet the awnings needs for Newburyport residents. We offer many styles and sizes of awnings for our customers to choose from. Ocean View Awnings come to you. We will come to your home or business, take measurements, then go over our installation process with you, so you fully understand the awning process. All installations are done by the Ocean View Awnings technicians. We don’t subcontract the work. If you would like to enhance your property or just want to be protected from the weather with an awning, then contact Ocean View Awnings today. You won’t regret it!

Here’s the Latest on Newburyport Awnings

If you’re interested in our most recent Newburyport Awning Installation work, be sure to visit this page again for more information!

Newburyport MA Porch Awning for Career Milestone

Recently, a car saleswoman contacted Ocean View Awnings. She needed the best porch awning Newburyport MA had available, so that she could throw a party after selling her 100th vehicle. To have this party go off without a hitch she didn’t want to be constantly worrying about the rain, and she needed to make sure that her guests who needed to get out of the sun could do so without going indoors. The car saleswoman wanted a porch awning, and with her nearing the 100th car selling mark she wanted to be able to throw a celebration party to reward herself with a party and a porch awning for her hard car selling effort.

The hardworking lady contacted Ocean View Awnings and together they selected a porch awning that she wanted. The Ocean View Awnings installers were able to install the porch awning before the woman’s 100th sell. The saleswoman contacted Ocean View Awnings after she threw her 100th car sell party to let us know that the party was a success, and everyone was a huge fan of her deviled eggs and key lime pie. She said that those who wanted to get out of the sun were able to do so by going under the porch awning. This was great, because none of her friends had to go indoors and leave the party or complain a whole bunch thanks to the porch awning that Ocean View Awnings had installed for her. The car saleswoman praised Ocean View as the porch awning Newburyport MA specialists.

Newburyport Commercial Awning Lets New Stores Stand Out

A small mixed use building was one of our recent projects, and  our client’s property not only caters to renters but also to small business owners who are lease a space on the ground level. The time came for them to choose the type ofcommercial awning Newburyport MA property owners would envy. They wanted a design which would appeal to all the small business owners on the ground floor where we were going to install the new awnings. They also wanted a simple design which renters on the upper levels would like when coming home after a long day of work.

They eventually contacted Ocean View Awnings for a price quote. We pointed them in the right direction in terms of material, awning sizes, a commercial look, and retractable designs which all business owners would love. For the high quality awnings and installation costs they were quickly ready to go ahead and get these new awnings installed over the small businesses at their property immediately.

We were proud to offer the highest quality awnings, and they also had a uniform look and design that the development company was after when they began their search for awnings to equip the property with. Since they rent to small business owners they were looking for a simple design and something that would look good for every storefront to be placed over the windows. Because they worked with Ocean View Awnings, this is exactly what they received. They were very pleased with the great service and how helpful our knowledgeable team was. Installation was a breeze, the clients and renters are very happy now, and the mixed use property with new awnings looks excellent either on street level or from above.

Total Service Needed from a Top Newburyport Awning Company – Ocean View Awnings

Recently, a homeowner in Newburyport MA gave us a call to schedule a consultation. The homeowner had several window awnings that she needed to have cleaned, and she also wanted to have a new porch awning installed, too. She called Ocean View Awnings as the Newburyport awning company that she had been relying upon for years.

The Ocean View Awnings crew arrived at her home, and she immediately told us how happy she was to see us again. She was clearly looking forward to having expanded shade on her patio so that she could enjoy the outdoors without the sun bearing down on her. It always makes us happy to serve a repeat customer who enjoys our services and products. The crew measured the porch, then the customer selected the same color and fabric of her previous awnings so they would all match her home. The crew cleaned the awnings that same day, then we returned when her new porch awning was ready to be installed. Once we were done, the customer came out with a glass of lemonade for everyone and we all sat under the shade enjoying the beverage that she made for us. The customer said that Ocean View Awnings is her personal Newburyport MA awning company, because we provide the highest quality of awnings that is available in the industry. The Ocean View Awnings crew enjoyed the time that we spent at this customer’s home and happy that we were able to meet and exceed her needs once again.