Residents know that an awning can provide lower utility costs, protection from Mother Nature, and add curb appeal to their home or business. Ocean View Awnings is the company that residents and commercial properties call for awning installation in Lowell, Massachusetts and all of their awning needs. Ocean View Awnings is a family-owned business. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality awnings, cleanings, and installations for Lowell, Massachusetts residents. Our installers are experienced and qualified. We offer a wide variety of awnings and can customize yours, so it is unique, original, and designed specifically for your home or business.

Awning Services Offered in Lowell, Massachusetts

Ocean View Awnings offers complete awning services in Lowell, Massachusetts, which include:

  • Awning Sales and Service
  • Awning Installations
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Motorized Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Commercial Awnings

Ocean View Awnings specialize in Eclipse awnings, which come in motorized and retractable versions, and are our most popular choice in awnings. The motorized awnings are free from unsightly poles, and retract with the ease of a button. An awning enhances any home or business, along with providing protection and shelter. Many people don’t realize that awnings actually lower utility costs by up to forty percent! Ocean View Awnings provide qualified and trained technicians for all installations, and our installers are fully-insured and bonded, so our customers are always protected.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Lowell, Massachusetts was founded in the 1820’s. The city has a population of 106,519, and is the fourth-largest city in Massachusetts. The best way to see the city is on the Lowell Trolley Tour, which takes visitors throughout the city, and along some of the historic places around town. The Water Boat Tour is fun and exciting to experience more of the area. It features a ride down the Merrimack River to show how the canal was dug, and much more!

The Lowell National Historical Park has numerous exhibits, canals, and plenty of nature to enjoy. If you are a fan of Bette Davis, then you can see her birthplace in Lowell. A few of the museums to visit nearby include: The New England Quilt Museum, The Lowell Gallery, and The National Streetcar Museum. Main Street is a great place to visit galleries, shop at locally-owned merchants, and dine. Main Street has been restored, and has the historic appeal and charm that the town is known for.

Ocean View Awnings is the trusted awning company in Lowell, Massachusetts. We have residents and business owners covered for all of their awning needs. We can clean, repair, custom-make, and install your awning. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, including many colors and styles, too. If you would like more information on our awning services, then don’t hesitate to contact Ocean View Awnings today, and one of our friendly team members can assist you. We look forward to providing Lowell residents with durable, quality awnings!

Our Latest Lowell, MA Projects

The Awning Company Lowell MA Deserves

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by a couple of canine hotel owners. The canine hotel owners wanted to update their storefront with some new awnings. One of the owners was thinking of just placing signage over the windows while the other owner wanted to modernize the hotel with an updated, hip look that would also provide the inside of the store with some useful shade. The two discussed what would provide business to them and suddenly realized that the awnings would provide so many more benefits to the inside and outside of the store. They called the awning company Lowell MA businesses can rely on for durability and elegance, Ocean View Awnings.

Ocean View Awnings met with the owners at their business, and went over a variety of options. We let them know that we could provide an awning that would make their business stand out and be noticed. They selected their awning, and when the awning was ready we had our qualified technicians install it. The customers were anxiously awaiting, and when they saw the finished awning they were speechless. They said the awning looked fabulous. The customers called us a week later to let us know that their pet-owning clientele have been raving about the awning. Their entrance is protected in the heat and rain, and it makes their business is so much more noticeable, especially to passing motorists. We let all of our customers know that if they want the professional awning company Lowell MA is serviced by, they should contact Ocean View Awnings.

Lowell MA Window Awning Has Appeal for All

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by a Lowell MA hobbyist. The Lowell MA hobbyist really enjoyed doing puzzles by an open window in her home, but did not want their jigsaws to get wet when it rained. She loved sitting by the window doing the puzzles because the natural sunlight made it easier to find the pieces for each part of the puzzle. She was very accustomed to doing her puzzles in one place. She decided to call Ocean View Awnings for an install on a stately and useful window awning in Lowell.

The Ocean View Awnings specialist met with the homeowner in Lowell MA and went over an options in awnings for her window. We showed her different fabrics, colors, and awning styles. The puzzle lover selected her awning, and we measured the window to provide a precise awning fit. We let the customer know that we custom built our awnings in our factory, and as soon as it was made we would be back out to install it for her. The following Monday our qualified installers went back to the home and installed the awning. She was excited to see the awning installed. She said she couldn’t wait to start working on her puzzles with her new awning, because rainy season was soon approaching. A few weeks later the customer called us to let us know that her jigsaw puzzles are progressing along and none of them are getting wet, thanks to the window awning Ocean View Awnings had installed for her.


Winter Outdoorsman Gets New Awning in Lowell MA

A homeowner contacted Ocean View Awnings recently. The homeowner was a skier who thought a big part of his deck would be saved from icing over if he had a Lowell MA new awning installed. He decided to call Ocean View Awnings to have one installed. The Ocean View Awnings specialists met with the skier at his home, so we could see what type of awning he wanted and to see the space where the awning would be installed.

The homeowner showed us where he would like to have the awning, then we showed him a variety of options. He selected one and we let him know that as soon as it was built for him that our professional installers would return to install it, which was done a week and a half later. The homeowner was impressed with the new awning and now he can enjoy a nice mug of coffee or hot chocolate on an even patio thanks to the quality services provided by Ocean View Awnings. The man was so happy with the awning that he called us a few weeks later to let us know that he is spending more and more time on his patio, because it is covered from any weather. He said that he is telling his friends about it and if they want one like his to call Ocean View Awnings for the best new awning Lowell MA outdoor enthusiasts can truly appreciate all year long.


Lowell MA Porch Awnings Are a Gift Everyone can Enjoy

A mother had just gotten a big promotion and wanted to get something the whole family could enjoy with some of the extra income. She thought about it, then she called Ocean View Awnings for an estimate on a porch awning in Lowell MA. The specialists with Ocean View Awnings arrived at the home and measured the porch, then gave the mom an estimate that she couldn’t refuse. She ordered the awning and once it was custom made to her specifications our qualified installers returned to install the awning.

The Ocean View Awnings crew arrived at the Lowell home and started the installation process. The crew had the awning installed and ready to be enjoyed in no time at all. The mom was so excited to see her family enjoy the outdoor space more once the awning was installed and she said that she hasn’t regretted her decision because the family would only use the porch on cool days or when the sun wasn’t bearing down fiercely. Since the porch awning in Lowell MA was installed the family gathers on the porch to play games, play the guitar, and just visit with one another. The porch has become the main attraction at the home. Each family member said they are glad that their mom had Ocean View Awnings put a porch awning up at their home, because now everyone can enjoy the outdoors without being affected by Mother Nature.