Ocean View Awnings is the awning company in Haverhill, Massachusetts residents depend on for all their awning needs. We provide a wide range of awning options, so every home and business can get one that will enhance, protect, and meet all needs. We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the importance of having a quality awning. We provide convenient customer service, where we come to you. We specialize in the Eclipse brand, which is a quality brand and product. All installations will be provided by insured, bonded, and experienced technicians. Ocean View Awnings is the leader in awning providers for Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Ocean View Awnings Services Offered in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Ocean View Awnings is proud to provide complete awning services in Haverhill, Massachusetts for businesses and residents. Our awning services include:

  • Awning Cleaning
  • Awning Sales
  • Window Awnings
  • Porch Awnings
  • Motorized Awnings
  • Eclipse Butterfly
  • Total Eclipse
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Commercial Awnings

Ocean View Awnings specialize in the Eclipse Awnings, which is the number one choice in awnings. The Eclipse Butterfly awning is affordable, and perfect for any home. If you currently have an awning, but it has lost the appeal it once had, then our awning cleaning is recommended. Our crew can clean your awnings and have them back to looking new again. A regular cleaning will add durability and life to your current awnings.

Haverhill, Massachusetts

Haverhill, Massachusetts is located on the Merrimack River, and has a population of nearly 61,000. What once started out as a farming town, quickly evolved into a thriving community. Haverhill was nicknamed the “Queen Slipper City,” because by the end of 1913, nearly half of America’s shoes were made here. Haverhill is also known for making some of the best hats in the country. The city has a rich history as it was founded in 1640. The Native American Indians called the city, “Place of the Winding River.” The first settlers called Haverhill the “Worshipping Oak,” because they would all gather under a large oak tree for their worshipping.

Downtown Haverhill is the heartbeat of this town. Washington Square offers antique shopping, specialty stores, and all types of dining choices. The Winnekenni Castle and the Hanna Duston Statue are a must-see for visitors. Haverhill, Massachusetts has something to see and do around every corner. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, along with historical sites to see.

Ocean View Awnings provides quality awnings for commercial and residential properties in Haverhill, Massachusetts. We pride our company on offering excellent customer service. We back all products and installations with a 100% customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, our customers are not pleased, then we make it right- no questions asked. If you would like information on any of our awning services, then contact Ocean View Awnings today.



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Haverhill, MA Awning Installer Needed to Keep Tavern Tidy

A Haverhill bar owner noticed that some moisture would get into the bar when it was raining heavily, especially if lots of people were traveling in and out. He couldn’t risk having someone slip and fall inside his bar and then being injured, or having a hefty lawsuit on his hands either. He called the same awning installer in Haverhill, MA that all of his friends in the industry had recommended to him due to Ocean View Awnings’ courteous and professional demeanor.

Our awning installation crew went to the bar to look over the space where the awning would be placed. We let the bar owner know that we could install a variety of awning types. The crew repaired the awning, which was a minor repair, but it would prevent any moisture or water entering his bar when it rained. We let the customer know that his awning was repaired, and if he had any additional issues with the awning to just call us, and we would come back out. Two days later it rained buckets in Haverhill, MA, but there was no leaks or moisture in the bar. The customer called us to let us know that even with all the rain that fell that his awning was perfect. He said he was thrilled that his friends recommended Ocean View Awnings to him, because we did an outstanding job. He said he was planning on having another awning installed within the next few months, and he planned on calling the awning installer that all businesses contact in Haverhill, MA. We were just glad to get great feedback and know that we did another excellent job.

Ocean View Builds out Awnings in Haverhill MA for Collectibles Shop

Ocean View Awnings was scheduled to meet with a business owner in Haverhill. The customer owned a comics and collectibles shop, and was wanted one of the best Haverhill MA awnings that he could get. He liked the idea of putting a few chairs outside of his shop and underneath the awning so his clientele could read in the shade on sunny days. He called us out to his location because he had heard that we are best company for awnings in Haverhill.

The Ocean View Awnings experts arrived at the shop and the owner showed us where he would like to have the awning installed. He explained that he wanted the awning to extend out to where he could put a bench and chairs on the side of the building. We gave the owner several different options along with an estimate for the work. He was really happy with the price, and we were able to install his new awnings very soon after. The customer contacted us a few weeks later just to let us know that his customers are enjoying the awning. He said his sales have actually went up since he had the awning installed. The business owner told us that his customers will purchase a comic, then go outside to read it. Sometimes they would come right back into the shop to purchase another one. He also said that Ocean View Awnings is the Haverhill MA awnings specialist, because our team was patient, knowledgeable, and answered each and every one of his questions.