Awnings are perfect for any home and business. An awning provides protection against the weather, along with an enhanced curb appeal. Businesses and residents contact the top Awning Company in Boston, Massachusetts, Ocean View Awnings, for all their awning needs. Ocean View provides awning cleaning, installations, and a variety of awning options. We are a family-owned and operated business that cater to the needs of Boston residents. We provide an awning solution to meet all needs and preferences. Our technicians are fully-trained and experienced to install and clean all awnings.

Awning Services Offered in Boston, Massachusetts

Ocean View Awnings offers a variety of awning services in Boston, Massachusetts, which include:

  • Awning Sales
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Awning Installations
  • Residential and Commercial Awnings
  • Retractable awnings
  • Motorized Awnings
  • Window Awning
  • New Awnings

Ocean View Awnings is a provider of Eclipse brand, which is the known for quality, durability, and beauty. We offer Eclipse Lite solar shading, which is an affordable option that provides protection, and comes with a five-year warranty. We have an awning to meet all budgets.  Our installations come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We make sure you are happy with our services before we even leave the property. Our technicians are fully-insured and bonded, because we make sure our customers are always protected.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the capital of Massachusett and is the twenty-fourth largest city in the United States, with a population of 645,966. Boston, Massachusetts received their first settlers in 1630, which makes Boston one of the oldest cities in the United States. This state is commonly known for the Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, and the Boston Massacre. Over twenty million visitors come here because of the rich history and heritage that the city possesses. Boston was first called “Trimountaine” because of three mountains, but there are very little traces of these mountains today.

The Freedom Trail is a walking historic city tour in Boston. It is the first walking tour in the United States. The Freedom Trail takes visitors to sixteen different historical sites in Boston, and the tour is up to three hours long. This is one of the best ways to see the city and it’s history. Main Street is the best area to shop and dine in with over two thousand businesses in the area for visitors to shop, dine, and enjoy. Food trucks are found all around Boston, and is a great way to eat a variety of different foods. It takes more than a week to fully experience everything this great city has to offer.

Ocean View Awnings is the awning provider for Boston, Massachusetts residents and business owners. We provide awnings, awning cleanings, and full installations by qualified and trained technicians. For any of our services, contact Ocean View Awnings today to set up a free consultation. We will keep you covered with our durable and quality awnings!

Our Recent Boston Projects

New Boston Awning on Window of Historic House

Recently, we spoke with and provided installation on a window awning in Boston. The owner of the house had noticed a great deal of damage to the Boston awning following a heavy snow season this past winter. They were looking for a new window awning which not only looked great and kept with the historical context of the home, but that would also protect the expensive window from damage. We found the perfect fit for this client. Not only did we perfectly match up their design demands, we found the window awning Boston history buffs loved.

Once they saw the completed design of the historic house. The owner was willing to spend any amount necessary, and this gave us quite a bit of room to work with when we were coming up with the design, the detail work, and choosing the right material finish for the new retractable awnings which we were going to install for them. Although it was a costly project, they were extremely happy with the finished work, and we were happy to be able to assist them in restoring the prestige and allure of this fine historic house.

We offer a wide selection of awnings and service a variety of clientele, but this was truly one of the more distinct customer requests we have had in the recent projects we’ve done. The homeowner was pleased, and the historic house looks perfect, even to the most poignant Boston history buffs who see the newly installed awnings.

A New Awning in Boston for Game Day

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by a hardcore New Englad Patriots fan a few weeks ago. He would always grill out during every game no matter what the weather was, and had just built out a new porch to enjoy his outdoor cooking because that was the type of fan he was. He would grill food and have all his friends and family over to watch the game and enjoy his cooking. He decided one rainy Sunday that he needed a new awning Boston football fans would complement him on. The new awning would allow him to grill anytime of the year regardless of the weather conditions. He wanted to easily be able to cook up whatever he’d like on game day. He called Ocean View Awnings and wanted us to come out to his home so we could provide him with some awning options.

The Ocean View Awnings team arrived at the home, and we took measurements of his patio. We went over awning options, which included motorized and retractable awnings. The customer selected his style, color, and type of awning, then our team our installers were out to install it for him. The installers had the awning installed quickly. The customer was so happy with his new awning he even started grilling out during the week. He can now cook in the rain, and handle anything Mother Nature throws at him thanks to Ocean View Awnings, the awning specialists.


Boston Awning Cleaning Takes Care of Accident

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by some Boston college student. The college kids were messing around in their apartments during a wild weekend night when they accidentally spilled a pot of coffee and its grounds on a communal awning. They knew that it was a problem after it occurred, but rather than face the ire of their landlord they called the best Boston awning cleaning company to take care of their silly mistake. Of course that company was Ocean View Awnings.

Our awning cleaning experts arrived at the apartment complex, and could see the coffee stain immediately. The team used our industrial cleaning products that protect the awning while cleaning it. The team then used our special equipment and got the awnings cleaned. The college kids watched as our team worked, then when they saw that we got the stain out, and the awning cleaning done they started screaming in joy. They said that they are thrilled that Ocean View Awnings were able to come out so fast and get the job done, before their landlord would notice it. They were so happy that they said they were going to through a celebration party! We let the kids know that if they ever find themselves in a pinch again with their awning to just call the awning cleaning specialists in Boston again, and we would be right out to help them. Ocean View Awnings takes pride in providing quick, effective, and affordable awning cleaning Boston renters can appreciate.


Motorized Awning in Boston Makes Patio Seating A Delight

We were recently contacted by a customer in Boston, Massachusetts. The customer was a restaurant owner that wanted information on motorized awnings. He wanted the best motorized awning Boston could make available for its outdoor seating, because he knew that it would be the best option for variable shade to keep their customers comfortable. The motorized awning would provide shade and keep customers away from the heat direct sunlight. It would also prevent the patio from becoming wet when it rained, and another bonus is that it would provide added seating space for the restaurant.

The Ocean View Awnings designer met with the customer at his business. He showed us the outdoor space where he wanted the awning. We showed him a variety of awning options, so he could choose his own fabric and colors. He selected his awnings specifications, and we measured the area, so we could have it made. Once the awning was created our professional installers went to the business and installed the motorized awning. When it was installed, we showed the owner how to operate it. The restaurant owner was not at all disappointed that they called Ocean View Awnings once they saw the high quality of work their awning company of choice had executed for them. Now, the customer understands why Ocean View Awnings is the motorized awning specialist that all businesses contact in Boston.


Best Boston Awning Installer Maintains Routine for Neighbors

One of our recent customers was a man with an extremely consistent routine. You could nearly set your watch to many of his daily habits. One day he went to sit outside to do his crosswords, which he did every day, he was constantly squinting in the sun. His neighbor noticed this, and suggested to him to get some sunglasses or go in the shade, which is when they eventually came up with the bright idea of this Boston homeowner in getting an awning. He called the best awning installer in Boston, Ocean View Awnings.

The technicians at Ocean View Awnings met with the homeowner at his home, and he showed us where he would like to have an awning. He wanted the awning to be on the backside of his backyard patio. He loved sitting there doing his crossword puzzles, because there was a creek behind his house, and the sound was soothing to him each afternoon. The technician showed the homeowner a variety of awning choices, and he selected one that would match his home. We returned three days later to install the awning, and within no time at all we had the awning installed. The customer was jubilant, because now he could do what he loved best without having the sun shining in his eyes. He said he is thankful that his neighbor recommended the awning installer Boston homeowners could respect, Ocean View Awnings. He said we did a wonderful job, and life will be great under his new awning.

Mass Motorized Awning Helps with Short Game

An elderly man wanted to enjoy his backyard for putting without necessarily being in the blinding sun all the time. He would go in the backyard and practice and practice until the sun started beaming on him. One afternoon he came inside after putting practice and his wife looked at him and was fearful, because he was bright red and sunburned. She told him he was going to have to do something or quit putting when the sun was out. The man knew he wasn’t going to quit, so he decided to call Ocean View Awnings to have a motorized awning in Mass. installed.

We met with the couple and they showed us where they wanted to have the motorized awning installed in their backyard. We showed them several other motorized awnings other homeowners have selected for their homes, and the couple choose what they wanted. We let them know that our personal factory built all the awnings, and as soon as their awning was created we would return to install it. The Ocean View Awnings crew arrived back at the home and installed the awning. We showed the couple how to operate it, and they instantly fell in love with their motorized awning. Now, he can enjoy his golden years and improved golf game thanks to his new motorized awning in Mass. His wife doesn’t have to worry about her husband getting sunburned, and they both enjoy sitting under it and just enjoy the summer together outdoors.

Mass Window Awnings are a Needed Asset

A Massachusetts real estate developer needed a bid for a city block filled with windows that needed awnings in Boston. The real estate developer was looking to have quality awnings, but at an affordable cost. He called several awning providers along with Ocean View Awnings. Ocean View Awnings was the only company that offered a reasonable and realistic estimate.

Ocean View Awnings received a call back from the developer a month later to ask us if we could still provide the window awnings in Mass. that we gave him a bid on. We let him know we could, and the bid would remain the same. The developer asked us to start installing them as soon as we could, so our professional awning installers started a week later. It took our team a little over a week to have the entire block of window awnings installed. The customer came out to look over the work that we provided and said he was in awe on how wonderful the awnings looked. He said the block looks so much better, and now customers that are visiting any of the retailers will be able to be protected from any weather condition, because of the quality awnings that Ocean View Awnings had provided. The real estate developer said that he knows now who to call for his window awning Mass business owners can trust and rely upon and that is Ocean View Awnings. He said we were the only awning company that provided a quality product and service at a reasonable price.


MASS Awning Cleaning for Upscale Store

A high end kitchen tool and equipment store owner had been in business for a while and was taking a look at the shop while the holiday season was going on. The store owner went to the best Mass awning cleaning company after quickly realizing that lots of exhaust fumes and stereo traffic had made their awning dirty. This was an eyesore to the store and he didn’t want his customers to think that his store was dirty and unattractive so he called Ocean View Awnings.

The Ocean View Awnings crew arrived at the business to clean the awnings. We use special cleaning solutions that will clean the awnings without affecting the color or material of the awnings. The crew cleaned the awnings without disturbing the customers who entered or exited the business and by the afternoon the awnings was back to looking like new again. Ocean View Awnings was there to help the business with their awning cleaning needs and the store owner doesn’t have to worry about the appearance of his business because of our outstanding awning cleaning services Mass businesses can rely upon. The owner first thought that the awning would just have to be replaced because it was full of grease and grime, but our honest team members let him know that our awning cleaning would have it looking like it did when it was first installed. We were able to  Ocean View Awnings is the awning cleaning specialist in Mass.

Boston Window Awnings Protect Home in Rain or Shine

A homeowner was looking to keep their door partially open during the summertime without the entryway getting too hot from the sun or becoming wet (and risking wood damage) if it were to rain. The homeowner called Ocean View Awnings for the best window awning in Boston, and we were happy to check out her doors and windows to give her an estimate. The Ocean View Awnings experts arrived at the Boston home and the homeowner was glad to see us.

She showed us her doors and windows, then we gave her an estimate that surprised her. We offered her a variety of options. She said she was really impressed with our comprehensive estimate and went ahead with the work. The Ocean View Awnings team returned a week later and started installing new window awnings. Once the window awnings were installed the homeowner said she wished she would have had us do this for her sooner, because now she doesn’t have to worry about the hot sun coming in her home or becoming wet. She said the awnings look amazing and was an added touch to her home. The homeowner said that Ocean View Awnings is the window awning experts Boston homeowners can trust. The price that the homeowner paid was affordable and will actually lower her heating and cooling costs too, which is always beneficial for any homeowner. Nobody likes to pay high energy costs and who would have thought that they can be lowered by just having window awnings installed.

Envious Homeowner Requests Retractable Awning in Boston

A homeowner had recently seen how nice a Boston retractable awning can look on a home after seeing their neighbor’s house with one. The neighbor had gotten it installed last season, and told this homeowner all about Ocean View Awnings. The neighbor told him that the retractable awnings are easy to operate and can be made in a variety of colors and designs. The homeowner was impressed with this information and contacted Ocean View Awnings.

The Ocean View Awnings team was happy to receive a great referral and discussed all of the options for awnings with the first time awning buyer. We let the customer know that we take all the measurements so the new awning will have a precise fit. We also let the customer know that Ocean View Awnings provides a 100% customer satisfaction, because our customers are always our number one priority. The homeowner selected the fabric for his awnings, then our trained and experienced installers returned a week later to install the awnings for him. The awning buyer was quite impressed with the look that it provided for his home, and was also looking forward to having shade provided for his home during the hot summer months. The customer thanked us for doing an outstanding job and was very happy that he choose Ocean View Awnings for his Boston retractable awning. The installation turned out even better than he was expecting. The homeowner told us he was definitely 100% satisfied with his retractable awning Boston homeowners would be find extremely attractive.