Boston Window Awnings Protect Home in Rain or Shine

A homeowner was looking to keep their door partially open during the summertime without the entryway getting too hot from the sun or becoming wet (and risking wood damage) if it were to rain. The homeowner called Ocean View Awnings for the best window awning in Boston, and we were happy to check out her doors and windows to give her an estimate. The Ocean View Awnings experts arrived at the Boston home and the homeowner was glad to see us.

She showed us her doors and windows, then we gave her an estimate that surprised her. We offered her a variety of options. She said she was really impressed with our comprehensive estimate and went ahead with the work. The Ocean View Awnings team returned a week later and started installing new window awnings. Once the window awnings were installed the homeowner said she wished she would have had us do this for her sooner, because now she doesn’t have to worry about the hot sun coming in her home or becoming wet. She said the awnings look amazing and was an added touch to her home. The homeowner said that Ocean View Awnings is the window awning experts Boston homeowners can trust. The price that the homeowner paid was affordable and will actually lower her heating and cooling costs too, which is always beneficial for any homeowner. Nobody likes to pay high energy costs and who would have thought that they can be lowered by just having window awnings installed.