Boston Awning Cleaning Takes Care of Accident

Ocean View Awnings was contacted by some Boston college student. The college kids were messing around in their apartments during a wild weekend night when they accidentally spilled a pot of coffee and its grounds on a communal awning. They knew that it was a problem after it occurred, but rather than face the ire of their landlord they called the best Boston awning cleaning company to take care of their silly mistake. Of course that company was Ocean View Awnings.

Our awning cleaning experts arrived at the apartment complex, and could see the coffee stain immediately. The team used our industrial cleaning products that protect the awning while cleaning it. The team then used our special equipment and got the awnings cleaned. The college kids watched as our team worked, then when they saw that we got the stain out, and the awning cleaning done they started screaming in joy. They said that they are thrilled that Ocean View Awnings were able to come out so fast and get the job done, before their landlord would notice it. They were so happy that they said they were going to through a celebration party! We let the kids know that if they ever find themselves in a pinch again with their awning to just call the awning cleaning specialists in Boston again, and we would be right out to help them. Ocean View Awnings takes pride in providing quick, effective, and affordable awning cleaning Boston renters can appreciate.