Eclipse Drop Shade

Drop Shade

DropShade_4One of the top selling accessories for our awnings, the Drop Shade is the perfect soluion for low sun exposure.

The Eclipse Drop shade is an often requested accessory to our Eclipse®, Eclipse Cross Arm and the 13-foot Total Eclipse® products.

The Eclipse Drop Shade option allows you to extend a vertical shade from the front bar up to 39 inches.

The Eclipse Drop Shade is a practical solution for early morning or late afternoon sun…any low sun exposure!

The Eclipse Drop Shade is available in both solid acrylic fabric, or in an open weave mesh. This easy to operate unit can be driven manually – or with a motor, making it another touch of the button solution!

  • Widths from 5 to 20 feet.
  • Available on projections up to 13 feet and cross arm units.
  • Available in 4 beautiful “Qualicoat” powder coated frames finishes.
  • Fabric drop to a maximum of 39 inches.
  • Manual or motorized operation available.
  • Available with Phifertex Mesh and other premium fabrics.
  • Limited lifetime warranty