8Note from the Owner

Hello and thank you for your interest in Ocean View Awnings.  I’ve been in the Awning industry since 2004, Managing Operations and Leading Sales & Installations. I have seen just about every brand on the market and I truly believe that eclipse is superior over the others.

I’ve been running large and small companies since 1995.  I understand how corporations work and how small business owners operate.  One of the main reasons I started this company was to get away from a corporate environment and actually have a company that truly cares about their customers and wants to do the right thing at all times. I’m involved in everything this company does and your experience with Ocean View Awnings will reflect that. We are 100% committed to giving our customers a good product and a good experience during the initial call, estimating process and during and after your  install. I want my customers to recommend us to their friends, family and any stranger who might ask.

Thank you so much for choosing Ocean View Awnings!

Todd Picard